Now is the time to make sure your HVAC unit is ready for summer

troubleshooting_reese.jpgSpring is here and with it comes warmer weather.  While that doesn’t mean it’s time to crank up your air conditioner just yet, it does mean that you should take the time to make sure that your unit is in good working order for the coming warmer weather.  A maintained system is one that’s going to last longer and deliver cool air for less energy for years to come. 

HVAC Inspection Checklists could include checking the auxiliary operations, blower, condenser, evaporator coils, safety controls, refrigerant levels and more.  Air conditioning maintenance includes a comprehensive professional walk-through and cleaning by a NATE certified Reese Services technician. We highly recommend scheduling semi-annual HVAC tune-ups, one in the fall for your heating and one in the spring for your cooling.  To see the complete list that our Reese Services technicians follow, click here.

If you think that you may need service on your heat pump or air conditioner, now is the time to schedule it. The best time to schedule air conditioning maintenance is early or pre-spring.  If there are any needed repairs, they can be made while temperatures are still mild in southern Georgia. 

With warmer weather comes a renewed need for air conditioning. Late spring and summer are the peak times for blasting the AC. It is also the busiest time of the year for HVAC repair specialists. Anything that can go wrong with overused air conditioning units, usually does, putting HVAC specialists in high demand.

Reese Services is your local HVAC contractor for Palmetto, Jonesboro, Peachtree City, Newnan, DouglasvilleBrooksMoorelandFairburn, and Fayetteville. Have you signed up for a service maintenance agreement? Having a regular maintenance on your HVAC will ensure that it will perform reliably and any necessary post-winter repairs can be made before the summer temperatures rise in southern Georgia.  Call us today for the Reese Peace of Mind.