6 Easy Steps to Keep Your House Warm


  1. Caulk is your friend. Take a close look at your home. Where do you see visible cracks where air can get through? Look closely at windows and doors. Areas where pipes, cables or electrical conduits go to the outside are potential vulnerabilities for air leakage. If you have larger gaps that caulk won’t fill, take a trip to your local hardware store to find materials such that will seal up cracks. Make sure you’ve checked your basement and attic as well. See our page on spray foam insulation. It is the ultimate choice for insulation in your home.
  2. When using your fireplace, always remember to close the flue. This is an easy thing to forget and can suck all of the warm air out of the space. In addition, using a tempered glass cover or door will keep cold air out and keep the warm air in.
  3. Let the sunshine in – open those drapes, let the sun do its natural warming during the day. Contrastingly, if you don’t want sun, buy heavier drapes or quilted curtains to keep cold drafty air from getting into your home. Just make sure to open them up during the day so the sun can naturally heat your home.
  4. Get a free energy audit from your power company. Georgia Power provides this complementary service and will even give you a $225.00 rebate for participating. See your utility provider’s website to determine how to get your audit.
  5. Schedule regular maintenance for your heating system.
  6. Have your heating and air conditioning company check your ducts. It pays to have someone make sure there are no leaks where warm air could be escaping.

Warm and cozy homes are possible during the winter along with a low energy bill. Follow these six tips and stay warm and rich. Call us today to schedule an in-home audit of your heating and cooling.