Adding on to Your Home? Consider If Your HVAC Can Handle The New Work Load

Have you considered putting in an addition to your home or converting your garage into a living space? Increasing your square footage will put new demands on your current HVAC unit. It's crucial, before you build, to ensure that your system is up to the challenge.

In addition to expanding the duct work and adding vents, an HVAC specialist can also help reconfigure your current air conditioning system. This way, you can prevent your HVAC unit from breaking down unexpectedly because of difficulty in handling the increased workload.

What new Georgia property owners, who come from colder climates, might not realize is that living in a subtropical climate means air conditioning is extremely important. Most homeowners in the region are cranking their air conditioning at full-blast throughout much of the year.  One of the ways Georgians keep their cooling bills low is by having an HVAC certified technician tweak or re-engineer their HVAC machine so that the unit can respond accordingly to the increase in square footage to a house. Unlike other parts of the country that have milder summers, a Georgia HVAC unit can be compromised if the square footage of the home is expanded beyond the machine’s capacity.

If your HVAC unit is aging, adding square footage that the machine was not expecting can cause it to work overtime. This means that homeowners will ultimately need to replace their air conditioning unit sooner than expected, and the warranty might not be honored. Fortunately, when an HVAC expert is hired to help with a home addition or expansion, the cooling unit can be amended to accommodate the increased workload.

However, in some cases, it is not possible to amend the current air conditioning system. In these situations, a new HVAC unit will be recommended relative to your budget and square footage.

A Reese Services HVAC technician can help you with your home remodeling project as well as suggest a new high efficiency HVAC unit. We have expanded our services by providing assistance to homeowners who are getting ready to remodel their houses.  Contact us today for a quote on a new kitchen/bathroom remodel or basement finish.