Air Conditioning Can Increase Office Success

Reese_Blog_hotoffice.jpgMany business owners and office managers see a correlation between hot office temperatures and their employees' productiveness. High temperatures and humidity can cause a workplace to feel like a sauna causing discomfort for employees.  A properly air conditioned office can create an environment that is geared for success. Aside from keeping your employees cool and reducing humidity levels, air conditioning can also appease various issues that can negatively influence your employees' productivity.

Listed below are some of the ways air conditioning can benefit your business:
Minimizes employee sick days - the air is recirculated through filters that trap and reduce fungi and other allergens.
• Reduces employees' stress levels that can originate from exposure to excessive heat.
• Keeps computers and servers at safe temperatures - machines operate best in cooler environments.
• Creates a more comfortable setting for your clients who may stop in for a meeting.

So, if you're ready to make a change in your office that will likely lead to an increase in productivity and, therefore, an increase in revenue, then it’s time to consider having an air conditioning system installed. If you're unable to install an AC unit, Reese Services can suggest mini-split systems. A ductless mini-split system can provide more of a cooling system than a window AC unit.

Contact Reese Services today to give you a quote on a new AC unit for your building. Do not let the warm temperatures outside impact your business. Keep your office cool and employee productivity high. If your office building is not eligible for an AC unit, we can also install a mini-split system.