Is An Attic Fan Right For Me?


You may find that the upstairs of your home is not cooling off.  If you have an attic, you may consider an attic fan. Attic fans are usually mounted in the upper slope of the roof and are designed to cool the attic.  They can save energy on cooling costs and extend the life of the roof shingles. The fans, controlled by thermostats, work by pushing out the “upper” attic hot air and drawing in cooler outside air.

To save money on utility costs you may consider installing a commercial fan in your home.  The extra assistance of air circulation can help to reach rooms that have higher ceilings.  We use commercial grade roof and gable ventilators that are controlled by thermostats in the attic. The attic fan is designed to move hundreds of cubic feet per minute out of your attic area.  You are replacing the extreme hot air inside an attic that might be 140-160 F with air that is 85-95F.  The heat gain from extremely hot ceilings adjacent to hot attics can stress air-conditioning systems, and push them to the limits of their ability to cool your home.

For fans to work properly, they need to easily exhaust the air to the outdoors. The attic fans do this by default, as you typically have to cut an opening in the roof or a side wall of an attic to mount the fan. The attic fans also need lots of intake air vents along the lower edges of the roof. Since most attic fans are located high up on a roof, this design allows for excellent cross ventilation of the entire attic space.

Contact Reese Services to install an attic or commercial fan in your home or office.  Our technicians will install the commercial grade roof ventilators to assist with the airflow of your newly installed attic fan.  Contact us today for a free quote to start saving on cooling costs from your home this summer.