Attic Insulation Upgrades May Increase Home Resale Value

Reese_atticBlog.jpgWhen considering remodeling or upgrading your house, you probably think about things like a new kitchen or bathroom or installing new flooring. These improvements can enhance the enjoyment you have for your living space, but, should you decide to sell your house, the cost of these upgrades is typically not regained at the sale. However, there is one remodeling project that does give a big return on the resale of your home and that's attic insulation. 

Better attic insulation leads directly to lower utility bills because it allows homes to more effectively retain treated air. Reese Services recommends replacing your insulation with spray foam insulation. It would also be wise to get a thorough attic insulation upgrade which involves inspecting the attic floor for air leaks and sealing them. This process will benefit your HVAC system from having to work too hard to cool the home. Giving your HVAC a chance to run less will keep it running longer.

In addition to insulation, consider purchasing ENERGY STAR-certified appliances, installing a smart thermostat and upgrading your HVAC system. Taking these steps will allow your cooling network to operate at optimum levels.

Contact Reese Services today if you would like assistance with any of these projects or would like to conduct an energy audit of your house. A technician can service your HVAC system, evaluate how well it is working and let you know if an HVAC upgrade is needed.

Reese Services hires only NATE certified technicians. These technicians are trained to service your HVAC system, install HVAC equipment and inspect and install insulation as needed. Even if you are not planning on selling your house you may still want to save money by lowering your utility bills this summer.  Remember, a well-insulated attic is the first step to keeping more of your circulated cool air in the home.