Bryant® Perfect Air Purifier with Captures and Kills™ technology

Air Purification during the Winter

hsol-airc-puri-lg-CK.pngThe first thing we do when we feel those chilly winter temperatures is close up our doors and windows and begin our winter hibernation habits. As we do this, we need to think about our indoor air quality because it has a big effect on our health. Here are just some of the products that we offer to improve your indoor air quality at Reese HVAC.

  • Honeywell high efficiency air cleaners
  • Honeywell UV lights
  • Aprilaire & Honeywell humidifiers
  • Carbon monoxide detectors


As we’ve said before, we always recommend you start with getting your furnace or heating unit serviced at the beginning of the season to rule out any problems. When installing a filter it is best to buy a HEPA certified one that will intercept any allergens and particles that could cause you breathing problems.

Today’s homes are well insulated and built for energy efficiency. Unfortunately the cost of that is hindering air circulation. Older homes had a lot of nooks and crannies where air could escape and be replaced. An indoor air quality audit can tell you where your humidity level falls on the spectrum. Humidity is an important factor indoors. It is fairly common knowledge that during the Summer, we recommend dehumidifying to prevent mold and mildew, both of which bare great health risk if inhaled.   Did you know during the Winter you should humidify your indoor air?  Yes!  Heating homes causes the humidity to drop in our homes.  Lack of humidity in your home can bring on several aggravating medical conditions to include itching/dry skin, headaches, sinus conditions, bloody noses.  So during the winter time we WANT humidity in our homes!  Did you also know that most health insurance plans WILL cover some of the expense of medical grade humidifiers and purifiers with a written prescription!  Reese HVAC has experience in writing quotes to provide to your physician for submission to your Insurance company.

Having your duct work examined helps too. Ducts can get very dusty and cause many problems for your heating system and your overall health. We recommend once a year having those cleared of all the dust and particles that accumulate over time.

These are all services we provide here at Reese HVAC. Give us a call and we can help you improve your indoor air quality because good health and clean air are nothing to sneeze at.