Come Home To A Smarter Home

Home_automation_technology.jpgNow that the Christmas shopping season is over it might be a good time to reconsider your monthly spending budget. A good way to start is to review how much money your family spends on groceries, mortgage/rent and utilities. One of the best ways to save on utility costs is to start with automating your home. These days you can monitor and control components of your home from virtually anywhere. The COR Home Automation system puts remote access to your thermostat, home security and more features right in the palm of your hand.

Some homeowners express concern that their current homes may not be eligible for home automation features. Don't worry. Your certified Reese Services technician will be able to easily incorporate home automation technology into your home. The home automation systems of today have been carefully engineered for installation in older and existing properties.

Home automation offers more than regulating your HVAC and thermostat. Interlogix is a global leader in residential and commercial security. With the Côr mobile app, you can lock or unlock doors, receive open-window and garage-door alerts, watch security footage and more. There is no need to ever feel like you might have left a window or door open again. The new smart phone technology allows you to remotely regulate all aspects of your home.

A new year is upon us so it might also be a good time to reassess ways to keep your family’s health safe from harmful carbon monoxide. Kidde is the world’s largest manufacturer of home safety equipment. With Côr Home Automation, you’ll have a continuous connection to smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and much more.

Reese Services is now your authorized dealer for COR home automation systems. Contact Reese Services today. A trained technician can help you install the right home automation system for your family’s needs.