Conquering HVAC Issues in Churches With Wi-Fi Thermostats

Reese_smartphone_thermostat_app.jpgWhere do people gather once or twice a week, for a few hours at a time, where the temperature can become a real bone of contention? Church! With a diverse group of people meeting together, in the same place consistently, there is bound to be some disagreement on how warm or cool the room should be.

HVAC issues in churches are very common. The heating and cooling needs of a church are very unique: a church only needs to be heated or cooled for services and special events, not 24/7 like a home or place of business. Wi-Fi thermostats are a wonderful way to address the flexible needs of churches.

The church staff can easily download the smart thermostat app to their smartphone. The app allows simple control over the times that the heating and cooling is turned on and off. Programming allows the church to save money by using the natural coolness of the night and early morning, thus ensuring that the AC unit doesn't have to fight the heat so much.

Wi-Fi thermostats are great for churches because:
1. The app allows remote access.
2. Several people can control the temperature.
3. The app records temperatures allowing users to easily see trends.
4. The programming is designed for energy efficiency.
5. Users have the capability for discreet adjustment during services.

Reese Services has a variety of Wi-Fi thermostats available for sale and installation. Our most popular model is the Bryant Housewise thermostat because it is easy for multiple people to learn how to operate it. Contact us today for more information!