Cooling Comfort For Your Church This Summer

Newnan HVAC Repair and AC Service ExpertsAnyone who has ever addressed a crowded room, and is hoping to create a positive experience for their audience, knows that physical comfort is critical. That is why it is so important that your church be an inviting space that is cool during the summer.

Churches are just one type of facility where both a comfortable environment and energy costs matter a great deal. Churches have a tight budget and cannot afford to waste their operating budget on high energy costs. Many times, exorbitant heating and cooling bills are the result of a building having to utilize the oversized mechanical equipment.

Recent advances in HVAC controls technology and capacity modulation methods are now featured on equipment that can closely match the variable loads that are common in many churches. These buildings require equipment that can efficiently heat or cool large spaces whether or not the auditoriums are filled to capacity or there are just a few people in the seats. This is a real design challenge but, fortunately, modern HVAC systems - with capacity modulation - are up for the challenge. These HVAC systems can quickly pay for themselves simply through the energy savings generated from modulating back in off-peak conditions. These systems also provide optimum comfort during both peak and non-peak periods.

Reese Services is a Christian based family owned and operated company. We recognize the important need for churches in our community, and that is why we extend an extra discount on repairs, services and maintenance agreements to all churches. Because our faith teaches us to love and serve others we would like to offer any church an exclusive 10% discount on all heating and cooling repairs and services.

As an extra bonus, if you sign up for a maintenance agreement, you will receive a combined savings of 20% on all repairs and services. Call us today to see how we can help keep your church building cool and comfortable all summer long.