Do you need Routine Maintenance?

Why not consider a service agreement?

Reese_checklist.jpgThere are some great benefits that come with being on our Comprehensive Maintenance Plan. Here are some things that you are missing out on by not signing up for an agreement with Reese Services today.

When you sign up for a service agreement on your HVAC unit, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home’s HVAC will be better protected against costly breakdowns, you will be paying lower utility bills, your HVAC will be at peak performance, and be guaranteed priority service. If your HVAC unit is maintained in a timely manner then it could extend the life of your heating and cooling systems.

At Reese Services, we offer 24 hr emergency service and scheduling at your convenience.

If you decide to move before your Service Agreement expires, we can transfer your service to your new home, or gift it to the new home owner.  Our comprehensive maintenance procedure includes the following:

* Test starting capabilities
* Monitor refrigerant pressure
* Clean/replace standard 1" air filters
* Check grilles with temperature gun to test equality of temperature
* Tighten electrical connections
* Measure volts/amps
* Lubricate all moving parts
* Check indoor coil
* Rinse condenser coil
* Clean condensate drains
* Clean & adjust burner assembly
* Clean Ignition assembly
* Check gas pressure
* Remove leaves/debris from outdoor unit
* Clean & check heat exchanger or elements
* Measure temperature differences
* Check reversing valve
* Check safeties
* Check compressor
* Check defrost cycle

Do not wait until it is too late and you are stuck with a costly breakdown, but be proactive with routine maintenance. Reese Services has trained technicians that will inspect, replace, or repair all parts of your heating and cooling units. We will discuss all repairs and recommendations so that you can make the best informed decision to repair or replace your HVAC unit. If you decide to replace your HVAC unit with a Bryant energy efficient model, we can discuss the rebates that are available to you. Consumer financing is also available for qualified buyers.