Don't Try DIY Repairs On Your HVAC


"Doing it yourself" is a really fun and interesting way to learn new things, especially when it comes to working on projects around the house. But even the most self-sufficient Georgian knows that sometimes there are situations where some outside help is absolutely necessary.

Thinking about performing a bit of ac repair all on your own? Not a good idea. Here are a couple of important reasons why it's not smart to go DIY on your HVAC:   

Physical Risks to Yourself
Those of you who have worked at a factory might understand best the dangers that lay in wait when it comes to working with a machine.  Metal parts, especially single components found in complex machines like HVAC systems, have sharp edges. One second everything is fine, the next, you’ve run your arm over something seemingly benign, and now you're on your way to the emergency room.

Electrical shock is another serious physical risk. Our service experts at Reese are well versed in dealing with electronics. Electricity can be a hazardous thing to tangle with. A qualified technician will always be the person best suited to help you with anything electrical.

Costly Risks To Your Home
Most folks go for DIY solutions because they are trying to keep costs down. Repairs aren't the cheapest thing in the world. But, unless you yourself have years of HVAC training and experience under your belt, it is likely that your efforts to fix your own machine will become a more expensive enterprise than is necessary. Any mistakes made during the repair of a heating or cooling system will only result in creating more damage to your system. More damage equals more costs! We’ve had instances of clients turning a quick, twenty-minute repair into a full-blown and very costly HVAC replacement.

Contact Reese Services today if you are in need of repairs or service to your HVAC.  Our technicians are NATE certified to handle all of your heating and cooling needs.