History of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray_Foam_Insulation_History_and_Facts_Peachtree_City_Georgia.jpgFun fact: spray foam insulation was developed and used in military aviation applications in the 1940s. They found it worked so well, it began to spread to other areas such as the auto industry and eventually, home insulation. It wasn’t until the 1980s that spray foam began its widespread use in residential homes.

The proliferation began with the advent of better spray technologies which allowed the application to be much easier. Prior to this, spray foam application was cumbersome and inefficient, often done through mixing in buckets and pouring. Currently, spray foam is used to build homes in hurricane and earthquake zones because it makes structures more architecturally stable. It has been approved by FEMA as a flood-resistant material.

By the 2000s, energy costs were skyrocketing and people wanted an alternative to fiberglass insulation. Since then, it has caught on as the most progressive and energy efficient way to insulate your home. Spray foam is twice as energy efficient as fiberglass insulation. 

Clearly, spray foam insulation is the best way to keep your energy bills low and keep your home protected from the elements. For more about spray foam insulation, you can read our FAQs here, and learn more about the difference between open cell and closed cell insulation here. Finally, if you want us to come out to your home for a free estimate, click here for our contact page.