Breath of Fresh Air

a7fa9d50aa46ff4a4cc52a14900ce237_1.jpgWe breathe in air all day. And we probably take it for granted just how clean it is. Only when the air is stale, or there is a lack of it, do we begin to question if there is a problem.

It is extremely important to register on a daily basis how much air is balanced inside your office or home. In all types of buildings air balance needs to be carefully controlled. This is especially true for large commercial buildings.  The amount of air that goes out must also come back in.

A make-up air intake damper and exhaust fan are vital components in the ventilation system of a large commercial building. Good ventilation is needed to replace fresh air for proper air balance. A properly working damper will trigger the exhaust fan to help reduce odors, reduce energy consumption and help maintain a comfortable working environment for employees. The damper can be closed or opened manually or via a motor.  It is important that the make-up air intake dampers are working effectively so that they open or close correctly. Warehouse temperatures can be hard to regulate with the fluctuation of temperatures outside.  Reese can also help fit your warehouse building with heaters that hang from the building’s ceiling.

Reese services offer 24 hour emergency service and will schedule routine maintenance at your convenience. Contact Reese today for a quote on make-up air intake dampers and exhaust fans as well as other commercial HVAC services.