Five Huge Benefits of Having Your HVAC Professionally Serviced

Dealer-HomeownerHumidifier-sml.jpgSummer is almost here and the temperatures have already been unseasonably warm for spring. If you are a homeowner or office building owner, it may be a good time for you to turn your attention to the maintenance of your AC unit. Maybe it has been months since you fired up the air conditioner, but the last thing you want is an unexpected failure when it’s hot outside.

If you’ve been on the fence about hiring a professional HVAC service, here are a number of benefits that can make the upfront expense worth it in the long run:

1. Improved Energy Efficiency
Your HVAC system is the most power hungry item in your house or building. Your heating and cooling systems account for half of your annual energy expenses, and a dirty and poorly maintained HVAC unit has to run longer and harder in order to produce enough cool air to meet the thermostat’s setting.  Even if you have a new HVAC system, it can become less efficient within a year or two without regular maintenance.

2. Increased Lifespan Of The Equipment
The average HVAC system has a lifespan of ten to fifteen years.  Like with any other machine, the more proactive you are with its upkeep, the longer it will keep running. If you stay diligent with regular maintenance your HVAC system can last up to twenty years.

3. Catch Small Problems Before They Become Costly
Regular maintenance can also help the homeowner catch small issues before they grow into more expensive challenges. A large HVAC problem does not happen overnight.  It is typically one that has grown after years without cleaning and maintenance checks.

4. Catch Safety Issues With Your AC Unit
Regular HVAC service can also help identify issues with your system that may later on cause real safety concerns. For example, a faulty electrical connection can lead to a potential fire. HVAC units that use gas for heating can also leak carbon monoxide if the working components are cracked or broken. 

5. Continuous Cooling Comfort With Your AC Unit 
In order to ensure that your heating and cooling is working properly throughout the year, it is important to conduct a "check up" in the fall for your and heating and another "check up" in the spring for your cooling. Spring and fall are typically the slower seasons for HVAC companies which mean customers will have an easier time trying to schedule an appointment. 

Contact Reese Services today to sign up for a comprehensive maintenance agreement. An agreement can save you on costly repairs and emergency visits. And remember, if you need to install a new AC unit, Reese Services can help you with financing.