Foolproof Ways To Tell If Your AC Is Working Too Hard


It's summertime again, which means a lot of people are turning on their AC in their homes. If you turn on your AC unit and it starts making strange noises or blowing out hot air, these may be signs that your AC is working too hard. Other important signs to be aware of:

Your Unit Is More Than 10 Years Old
It’s necessary that you keep track of how long ago your AC was installed. Every single AC unit, in terms of central air, will have an ID on it - a name and a sticker which will tell you how old the unit is, as well as, the last time it was maintained.

Higher Energy Bills
One of the best ways to tell if your AC is working too hard is to take note of your energy bills. If you notice a higher increase in your energy bills then you might have an issue with an older system. Your aged equipment might need to be just maintained or you might require the installation of new air conditioning. It may significantly benefit your pocket book, in the long run, to just go ahead now and install a new AC unit.

The AC Fans Aren’t Working
After completing your air conditioning installation, your installer will tell you to periodically check the fans outside of your house. These fans should be blowing warm or hot air. Your AC system not only blows cold air in, it also traps and pushes the hot air out of your house.

Too Many Breakdowns
If your AC unit keeps breaking down or suddenly needs a lot of repairs, it might be because it is working too hard.  Most air conditioning problems, like the machine working too hard and not blowing enough cold air into your house, can be fixed by simply keeping your unit maintained twice a year. Getting the unit inspected and upgraded when necessary is also another way to maximize efficiency. Contact Reese Services today to service your HVAC unit. We can schedule routine maintenance with a semi-annual maintenance agreement.