Four Reasons Your Energy Bills are Higher this Winter

piggy-Reese_save.jpgIf your energy bills for your Coweta County Georgia home are higher this winter, it could be because of a recent change made in your home or a problem with your HVAC unit.  There are ways to get your utility bills lower.

Holiday Bills

If you had a lot of holiday guests, it could explain why your utility bills are slightly higher this winter. More people in your home mean equipment, appliances, and electricity are being used more often, and for longer periods. In addition, Christmas lights and other electronic decorations can add to your utility bills.

Thermostat Settings

If your home’s HVAC unit is still controlled by a manual thermostat this could make your bills higher in the winter. It may be time to make the switch to a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat can adjust temperatures in your home gradually and more efficiently. You can also easily program your thermostat to a lower temperature at night or when you are not at home during the day, in order to reduce energy use.

HVAC Maintenance

To get the most out of your HVAC system, Reese Services recommends that you have it serviced semi-annually. Regular maintenance on your HVAC system improves its efficiency, saving you money over the winter months. A NATE certified HVAC technician can find small issues during a routine maintenance check and fix them before they escalate.

Part of properly maintaining your HVAC unit is to also check your filters throughout the winter to make sure they have not become clogged. When your filters become clogged, it makes it harder for it to filter the air, in turn making your heating system work harder and run longer. Clogged air filters can also negatively affect your home’s air quality.

Aging Heat Pump

An aging heat pump can cause an increase in utility bills. As your heat pump ages, it becomes less efficient, which causes your utility bills to increase. It might be time to invest in a new energy-efficient heat pump. While the cost of energy-efficient appliances is higher, you will make up the cost over time through the savings on your utility bills. An HVAC technician will access your heat pump’s functions during a maintenance check to see if there if a repair or replacement part could be the blame for a spike in your utility bill.

 Contact Reese Services today to schedule a routine maintenance service for your HVAC unit, and give yourself the Reese – Peace of Mind. If you have not signed up for a preventive maintenance agreement, then now is the time to do that.