Humidity Levels Can Affect Your AC

Dealer-HomeownerHumidifier-sml.jpgDuring the summer, humidity levels can be a factor in determining how comfortable it will be for you to live in your house. The performance of your AC is determined by how effective it is in regulating humidity. Since one of the most important functions of an air conditioning system is to remove excess humidity from the air, it's natural that this process will take a toll on your air conditioning equipment. As your AC continues to work harder and harder over a long period of time, the duress can potentially affect its efficiency.

AC Efficiency
If your air conditioning system is working correctly, it will remove the proper amount of heat and moisture in order to keep your living area at a comfortable temperature. The more humidity, the more stress on the machinery. An older, inefficient or wrong-sized HVAC may not be able to accommodate your needs, and your home may end up feeling warmer than it actually is. The reason for this discrepancy is because the air is holding extra moisture that isn't being properly removed. If this becomes the case, your HVAC will begin to work longer and harder, and this can result in a shorter life span for your unit as well as higher utility bills.

AC Size
It is important to know that a larger capacity air conditioning system will not necessarily produce the cooling effect that you want in your home. It is important that your system be properly sized for your house.

Some warning signs of excess moisture:

  • The air in your home feels moist.
  • There is a damp or musty smell in different parts of your house.
  • Your windows are foggy.

Our new high-efficiency HVAC systems have the ability to “super dehumidify” your home with the use of a staged compressor outside matched with a variable speed blower inside. This method is far better than a standalone dehumidifier, or a ducted dehumidifier. The last two work ok, but the high-efficiency systems are far better. Along with super dehumidification, these new systems offer great energy savings and superior comfort.

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