Get Your Ducts in a Row

hvac newnanAccording to, as a nation we spend $11 billion dollars annually to power our air conditioners. How do we reduce that cost? Annual maintenance on your air conditioner can help improve your comfort and prolong the life of your unit. With the upcoming spring temperatures around the corner, it makes sense to have a service agreement in place for your air conditioner.

  • Did you know that routinely replacing your air filters can reduce your air conditioners energy consumption 5-15%? A clogged filter impedes air flow through the unit, reducing its effectiveness.
  • If your ducts are clogged or leaking air this can cause problems too. It is best to have a professional check your ducts. Let us get all your ducts in a row and you’ll save on your energy bill.
  • Is your thermostat working? Part of our service agreement is making sure your thermostat is effectively monitoring the temperatures in your home.
  • If you have a split system, making sure the leaves and debris are cleared from the fan, compressor and condenser are ultra important.

                Another benefit is the reliability factor. There are no surprises. An agreement keeps your budget in tact with a yearly fee vs. emergency maintenance. Also, a maintenance agreement keeps your equipment running at peak levels year round. The money you spend on an annual service agreement you save in emergency costs to repair your unit.

In urgent situations, our established familiarity with your residential or commercial building help immensely. You may find yourself having to call a business you have no previous relationship with. This could make way for mistakes that could be avoided when your serviceman already knows your HVAC unit and your dwelling. Also, with your service agreement you get 24 hour emergency service included.

The peace of mind, lower utility bills and an additional 10% off of all repairs make purchasing a service agreement a valuable decision. Your unit will need repairs, why not take preemptive action and save yourself the emergency costs later? The priority service you receive goes above and beyond the norm because we’ve already nurtured a relationship with you. Call us, visit us or fill out our contact form and we can tell you more about our service agreement options.