Indoor Air Quality Pollutants

When cleaning indoor air, most people’s first instinct would be to open the windows and air the house out. This isn’t necessarily the first thing you want to do. Not only do air conditioners keep your home cool, they collect many water soluble pollutants that would otherwise be hanging around in the air. In other words, don’t let outside air in; simply focus on filtering and cleaning the existing air.

Notice how the country air can smell different than city air. If you live in the city, your home is much more apt to have environmental pollutants. Vehicles emit poisonous gases and fumes. These gases and irritants can get into our homes and not only harm us, but they can be especially harmful to our children.

If I can’t see it, why worry about it? It’s not what you can see that poses a threat to your family’s health. The following are the most common threats to indoor air quality:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): These are the molecules that are emitted from chemicals and enter the surrounding air. For example, vehicle emissions, fresh paint, floor polishes and cleaning products can emit VOCs.
  • Mold Spores: If there are any areas of leakage or dampness in your home, make sure to address those right away. They can immediately begin emitting mold spores causing illness.
  • Dander: Pets emit dander that can cause allergy sufferers a great deal of discomfort. Bathe your pets regularly.
  • Smoke: Smoke outside and ask your guests to smoke outside as well. Second hand smoke will pose threats to the health of people in your home. Exposure to this increases the likelihood of developing asthma, emphysema and even lung cancer.
  • Pathogens: Tired of your kids getting the flu several times a year? Utilize air purification systems with Captures and Kills™ technology. This is a filtration technique that literally traps and electronically zaps airborne pathogens. Get rid of the flu, colds, viruses, even measles!
  • Dust Mites: Keep dust mites out with less humid air. That’s why we recommend these products for monitoring and keeping your home’s humidity at the perfect level.
  • Carbon Monoxide: This is a colorless, odorless gas that can be toxic. It is extremely important to have a carbon monoxide alarm in your home.

Almost none of us can keep up with the demands a perfectly clean home requires.  Thankfully the technology is around to do the job for us. With a relatively small investment, you can buy an air purifier or an ultraviolet light device that protects against all of the above mentioned threats by filtering and destroying them. Rather than spending your cherished free-time hunting down mold spores in your basement, you can install an air purifier and rest easy that the health of you and your family comes first.

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