Invest In A Smart Thermostat For Your Business

Your Thermostat Experts

Summer’s high temperatures have already begun to rise here in Georgia. In order to keep your office building cool and comfortable for your employees, it is important to ensure that your HVAC thermostats are operating properly. If your air conditioner’s compressor is the heart of your system, then the thermostat is its brain. The thermostat communicates with your air conditioner to ensure that your system is keeping your workspace comfortable.

A WiFi enabled thermostat - also called a smart thermostat - allows you to control much more than just the temperature. A smart thermostat lets you get the most out of your device because it ensures that your entire HVAC system is working efficiently.

As a business owner, you may worry that you need to constantly be in the office in order to regulate your thermostat. However, WiFi thermostats now come with an app that allows you to check and adjust your office's temperature from any remote location. So no matter where you are throughout your day you can have the peace of mind that you are saving money that might have been unnecessarily spent on wasted energy.  Saving money on utilities helps you put more money back into your business.

A smart thermostat can also send alerts to your phone or tablet to let you know if your office’s temperature is rising or falling outside of your pre-determined range. With a smart thermostat, you are always in control of maintaining a consistent room temperature for your office and your workers. In the case of a power outage, you can also be alerted if your thermostat is disconnected from its network.

Reese Services can help you pick the right smart thermostat and service agreement for your office building. We can help you customize your device in order to provide you with the correct programming and alerts that you will need while you are away from the office. Let us show you today how simple it is to keep your HVAC running smoothly all summer long.