Issues with Your Air Conditioner

Reese_HVAC_Tyrone_Peachtree_City_Newnan_Georgia.jpgWe often get calls about air conditioning issues that are easily fixable or diagnosable by the client. With any air conditioning unit, small issues come up that don’t often warrant a call to your A/C repair technician. Rather than calling someone to come out to your home, there are a few things you can do first to determine what type of action needs to be taken.

Air conditioner keeps turning on and off:

This is called short cycling. Your unit is probably reaching the set temperature too frequently. If you want less cycling you will have to lower the thermostat temperature. If you’ve already done this and are still experiencing short cycling, it could be one of the following:

  • Overheated or worn out compressor.
  • The system is more than likely oversized for your home, in which case, you want to give us a call for a free evaluation.  

Air conditioner is always running:

Because it’s hotter outside, it’s normal for a central air conditioner to run without cycling on and off as often. If your indoor air temperature is at least 20 degrees lower than outside, it is actually doing well and there is little need for concern.

You should be concerned:

  • When your air conditioner runs constantly (it literally never stops).
  • You’re never comfortable.
  • The thermostat temp is never reached.

My unit is freezing up:

Anything that impedes air flow can cause a system to freeze up. It can also be caused by dirty coils, obstructed vents, or a refrigerant leaks. Low levels of refrigerant can cause pressure drops in the air conditioners evaporator coil, which will allow moisture in the air to freeze and accumulate on the coil.

Air isn’t blowing:

Since dirty air filters and closed air registers can impede airflow, it’s a good idea check the air filter and make sure the registers are both clear and open. Is the thermostat temperature a few degrees lower than the room temperature? If not, make sure it is. Also check the following:

  • The thermostat should be set on “cool.”
  • Change your filter. If it gets too dirty it could be blocking air flow.
  • Make sure there’s power to the A/C by checking the switches to the outdoor compressor and the indoor air handler. Also check fuses and circuit breakers.

The air isn’t cool enough

This is mostly due to low refrigerant, in which case a professional should come out to check the level. It can also be due to a condenser problem, it could be low on R-22, or it could be caused by an electrical issue, so it’s best to have a technician out to evaluate.

Condensate line

When dirt and contaminants build up on your filters, particulate matter can start to build up on the evaporator coil. This material can then enter the A/C’s drain system, contributing to clogs.

Things you can do:

  • Check your condensate pump to be sure it is functional.
  • Check for proper drainage.
  • If there is gunk in the drain line, flush the drain with bleach and that should solve the problem.

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