It's Time To Clear The Air


Do you know the air quality inside your home?  Most house have at least one indoor air quality issue.  The air quality can be affected by particle allergens from pet dander, smoke and dust that recirculate in the air.  Relative humidity, carbon dioxide and chemical pollutants that derive  from everyday cooking and cleaning in your house can build up and affect your home’s air quality.  Newer houses that are built to be more air tight can also trap and recirculate dirty air.  Poor air quality can have harmful effects on family members with asthma or anyone who is prone to allergies.

Now is the time to become aware of the air quality in your home with the help of the Air Advice.  Reese Services offers you the opportunity to test your air quality with a simple indoor air quality analysis that is fast, easy and customized.  A technician can perform a test in the same appointment as your regular maintenance service.  Our technicians will explain the report to you and go over the air filtration recommendations needed.

Reese technicians can suggest a number of Bryant products to help “clean up the air”. One such product is the Bryant UV lamp which can be attached to your HVAC unit.  A UV lamp will trap and kill harmful particles like mold and bacteria in most heating and cooling systems before they enter your home’s air.   The Healthy Home Duo is a whole house air purification system.  It works to filter out particles and odors to purify the air that is circulated.
Another popular air filtration is the Bryant Evolution Perfect Air Purifier.  It has the patented technology to capture up to 95% of harmful air particles and 99% of germs, pollen and mold.  The indoor air of your home is re-purified, not just filtered, as often as eight times each hour.

Contact Reese Services today to schedule an Air Advice testing on the air in your home.  Clear the air in your house from harmful air pollutants and don't let poor air quality impact the health of your family.