Keep Your Church Comfortably Cool All Summer

A crowded church gathering of people can quickly become uncomfortable if the temperature of the building is too high, especially in the summer. One of the key elements in creating a positive experience for congregants is to make sure temperature levels stay comfortably cool. A pleasant and agreeable environment is important to visitors who may be visiting your church for the first time.

Churches usually have a limited operating budget and cannot afford to waste money on high energy costs driven by oversized mechanical equipment. Large church buildings with high ceilings require HVAC systems that can effectively cool or heat large spaces, whether the rooms contain many people or just a few individuals. Because advances have been made recently in both HVAC controls technology and capacity modulation methods, modern HVAC equipment can now closely match the variable loads commonly found in churches.

Modern energy efficient HVAC units, with capacity modulation, can quickly pay for themselves simply with the energy savings that are generated from modulating back in off-peak conditions. These systems also provide optimum comfort during both peak and non-peak periods.

High efficient HVAC systems are now fully sensor-equipped with more variable speeds. The cost upfront to replace your existing system will be outweighed by the amount you will save on utility costs in the future.

It is also helpful to install a wifi smart thermostat system in order to help regulate the temperature during the varying hours when the church building is closed.

Ask your Reese Services technician about which new modulating capacity cooling systems can create the most comfortable church environment at the lowest energy costs. We can suggest the right HVAC system to accommodate the size of any church building.