Keep Your Warehouse Ventilated in the Winter

6094263846_a986abec0d_z.jpgIndoor air quality is important. And in the cooler months, it may be harder to open a window to let in fresh air. 

Indoor air, when it isn’t continuously mixed with fresh air, becomes stuffy. Large buildings with high ceilings and vast storage areas are hard places to control and maintain an even airflow.    Large warehouses face ongoing ventilation and temperature battles due to the constant change in air due to stock movement and distribution. 

In the winter months, when “warm air rises” the effect could raise heating costs by an additional 25 percent or more since more heat is required to maintain floor level temperatures. Commercial exhaust fans are designed to recycle the air that your HVAC system produces and redistributes it more evenly.  It is important to even out the temperature gradient from floor to ceiling in order to reduce heat loss.

Reese carries exhaust fans in all sizes for small or large warehouses and commercial buildings.  We can offer solutions for you to improve the air quality while cutting down on heating costs.  We offer a variety of HVAC services to meet your needs.  When considering who to choose for your HVAC needs remember Reese, an honest, thorough and accountable family-owned business. Contact us today to learn more about our service agreements and other features we offer to our customers.