Keeping Pollen Out Of Your Home

iStock_000001921014Small.jpgSpring is here.  The warmer weather brings with it flowering plants, new blooming flowers, and pollen.  Pollen can cause serious allergy symptoms.  Staying indoors and keeping the windows closed may help to reduce your exposure.  There are tips to keep pollen out of your home.

It may be a good time to follow up on some simple HVAC maintenance such as cleaning air conditioning, heating ducts and installing the right filters to reduce pollen and other allergens from invading your home.

AC air filters aid in trapping pollen and other allergens once it does enter the home.  During peak pollen season it is important to clean and replace your air filter more often.

For added protection, install HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters in central air and heating systems. These filters, made with glass fibers, are designed to trap more than 99 percent of pollen. To remain at peak effectiveness, HEPA filters must be changed at least every month or possibly more often, because they trap more pollutants than standard filters. Reese Heating and Air sell AC unit air filters and HEPA filters for your HVAC unit. 

Contact Reese Services today.   If you’ve been neglecting cleaning your ducts and maintaining your HVAC system, you may be surprised to learn how poor maintenance could be affecting your family’s allergies.  We can schedule a HVAC maintenance check to see if your unit is working properly.  We can also set up a routine HVAC maintenance plan so that it will keep working effectively all year.