Is My AC Unit Low On R-22?


Most common residential A/C systems use the refrigerant R-22. People think that because the air coming from their registers feels too warm, or that their house doesn’t seem to cool off fast enough that it’s because they need to have more R-22.

If you suspect a leak you will need a qualified HVAC technician to repair the leak or fix other problems that could be occurring inside your unit. When an A/C unit gets low on refrigerant it is very normal for the indoor coil to freeze to a block of ice. When that ice melts you will get water leaking into the furnace and onto the floor. If water damages the furnace it will just make your problems worse. The majority of service calls for "My A/C is low on R-22…" turn out to be just a plugged air filter. It is important that you change your furnace filter every month if you use a standard 1" thick filter.

Signs Your A/C Is Low On Refrigerant (R-22)

  • Less airflow coming through the registers
  • Air starts to feel warmer from registers
  • Water on floor by your furnace
  • Ice building up on copper lines from A/C to indoor coil
  • High electrical usage
  • House takes longer than normal to cool off

Newer A/C units save up to 30% on utility costs and use a new environmentally friendly refrigerant called R410a. As the refrigerant R-22 is phased out, you may want to consider purchasing a new AC unit. Reese Services can help you with financing.

Reese Services will work to maintain the life of your AC unit with regular service maintenance.  Call today to schedule an appointment and/or to sign up for a service agreement. A service agreement will set you up with a regular planned service, as well as after-hours emergency assistance.