Is My AC Unit The Right Size for My Home?

hothouse.gifAir conditioning bills can be of great concern when summer comes around in South Georgia. You want to make sure that your home is cool without spending too much. There are some practical ways to keep utility costs down by making sure that your air conditioner is the proper size for your house.

HVAC technician will need to come to your home in order to determine the right size and type of AC unit that can best suit the needs of your house. There are some guidelines that a technician will be looking for to help make a final recommendation:

  1. Size of the home
  2. Does your home have vaulted ceilings or large open spaces?
  3. What type of windows and doors do you have?

 A Reese technician can see if your current AC unit is performing short-cycling or running continuously on a hot day. If your AC unit is experiencing short cycles then it could be too large for your house. Short-cycling refers to when the AC system turns on and off frequently. The oversized AC cools the home to your desired temperature too quickly. But if an air conditioner runs continuously with little or no cooling effect that could mean that the unit is too small. 

An AC unit’s cooling impact is greatly affected by the structure of your home. Vaulted ceilings create large open spaces so that the air kept in those spaces may never be sufficiently cooled. If your home has several areas of open space and high ceilings, a way to improve efficiency is by adding more duct work. 

And finally, AC units have to work harder and longer to cool heated air created by sunlight from large windows.  If a room has a lot of windows, a technician may recommend adding a supply vent to curtain the warm air.

Contact Reese Services to see if your air conditioner is the correct size. Our technicians can evaluate your home’s size and structure to determine the right AC unit for your home.