Two AC Units Are Not Always Better Than One

Pros and Cons Of Two Central AC Units For A Two-Story Home

It can be challenging for a two-story home, that has only one central air-conditioning unit, to maintain a comfortable temperature. Of course, there are many advantages in having two units, but it is not always the best choice. The age and design of your house will affect your decision.

Cost Considerations
While the upfront cost of purchasing two central air-conditioning units can be more than purchasing a single unit, the cost difference may not be as much as you think. The added cost of a second unit may be offset by energy savings.
Temperature Balance
In many older homes, it is difficult to keep every room in the house at the same temperature. For example, the second floor is often much warmer than the first. A separate second central air-conditioning unit for the second floor allows you to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the day. 
Energy Savings
A single non-zoned central air-conditioning unit requires you to keep all areas cool, even when some are not in use. In many homes, the first floor can be cooled during the day and turned off at night while the upstairs bedrooms may only need to be cooled at night. In this situation, separate central air-conditioning units can result in significant energy savings.
System Failure
In the event one unit stops working, you may be able to keep the house cool with the use of the one working unit until repairs are made. However, having two units also doubles the chances of system failure and increases the cost of repairs overall.
Advantages of a Zoned System
Single central air-conditioning units can have more than one thermostat to evenly preserve the house temperature setting. A zoned system includes dampers within the ductwork that open and close to regulate the flow of air and temperature in each zone. A regular central air-conditioning system, by contrast, pushes cool air to all parts of the house. A zoned house can turn down or close off the air to parts of the house to save energy. The thermostat in each zone controls the temperature in the zone.
Contact Reese Services today about the cooling options available to you. We offer the installation of a second air conditioning unit, zone system or a min-split system. A mini-split system offers a third cooling option for rooms that may need extra cooling.