Recommended Thermostat Setting

nest_Reese.jpgYour home's cooling system should provide convenience and comfort to your indoor environment. Today, many Georgia homeowners are concerned about controlling their energy budgets and usage, while still maintaining the comfort they desire in their home.

One simple solution to managing your cooling system is to adjust your thermostat settings according to your habits and preferences. Consider the question: "What temperature settings will best provide personal comfort and cost efficiency for me?"

It is estimated that, during the summer months, for every degree over 78 degrees Fahrenheit that you set your thermostat at, you could save approximately 6 to 8% off your home energy bill, per degree. So, keeping your home's temperature slightly higher and using the best settings for spring and summer can ultimately help save you money. The energy. gov website reports that turning your thermostat higher by 10 to 15 degrees for 8 hours per day will help you see an energy usage reduction of 5 to 15% per year on your bill.

If you find that you are frequently away from your home during the day, then you may want to consider a WIFI smart thermostat. This instrument will enable you to regulate the temperature of your home remotely from your smart phone or tablet. A smart thermostat can help you program your temperatures all day and by the hour, and provide you with monthly energy consumption reports.

The amount of indoor humidity that gets collected inside your house will definitely effect your quality of life. Indoor humidity can prevent the temperatures of your home from staying at a preferred cooler setting. A whole home dehumidifier, or a high efficiency HVAC system can help reduce the humidity in your home. Ask one of our Reese Services technicians today about the indoor air quality solution that best fits your needs.