Should You Turn Off The AC While On Vacation?

CheckingGauge1HP-sml.jpgIf you are planning to leave for your summer vacation soon, you may be considering whether or not to turn your house's AC off before you go. The widely recommended option is to turn the thermostat up while you're away, not off. There are a few reasons not to turn your AC completely off.

Length of Time to Re-cool
If you turn off your AC unit completely before you leave on vacation, then it will take a very long time for your temperature to return to your cool setting preference. The last thing you want is to return to an extremely hot and uncomfortable home.

Smart Thermostat
A programmable thermostat can be a great installation idea for your home. These Wi-Fi smart devices allow you to set the desired temperature at programmable times which will automatically control the temperature settings. You can also use your programmable thermostat to begin cooling the home a day or so before your return.

Humidity Levels Can Rise in Your Home
Turning your AC off when temperatures are still high outside can raise the levels of humidity in your home. High humidity can create mold in a short time. Heat sensitive electronics such as computers and televisions can be damaged due to long exposure to extremely high temperatures. Computer servers can easily overheat if not kept in a properly conditioned space. As an extra precaution, we suggest that you install ample attic insulation and energy efficient windows to combat heat buildup.

Reese Services strongly recommends that you keep your A/C on while you are away.  Simply adjust the AC temperature setting to a range between 78-80 degrees. This will ensure that the temperature and humidity levels will stay within a range that is not harmful to your home.