Signs of Wear and Tear on Your Heat Pump

In southern states like Georgia, heat pump systems make the best choice for heating and cooling systems. Heat pumps use much less energy, saving you money on your monthly bills. Like any other mechanical device, however, they do require periodic maintenance.

Here are some signs of wear and tear on your heat pump:

The first sign to watch for is an increase to your monthly bills. As individual components become worn out, the heat pump will work harder to produce, which means it will use more energy. If your monthly bills are going up even though you’re not using the heat pump any more than normal, it’s probably time to call a Reese Services technician.

You can also pay attention to the way the heat pump is functioning and if it appears to be running for longer periods of time without an increase in the temperature. The circulated air may not be as warm as you need it to be, or the air may not be moving through your home as well as it should. These usually speak for a faulty component within the heat pump itself.

If you notice any of the above signs on your heat pump, do not hesitate to call Reese Services.  A NATE certified technician can pinpoint the specific source of the problem and schedule a needed repair for you.  

Contact Reese Services today to schedule a routine maintenance service for your HVAC unit, and give yourself the Reese – Peace of Mind. If you have not signed up for a preventive maintenance agreement, then now is the time to do that.