Thermostat Going Bad?

Reese_smartphone_thermostat_app.jpgWhen the temperature inside a house is suddenly freezing cold or burning hot most homeowners will do just about anything to fix it and restore their home to a comfortable environment. Before you call a Reese HVAC technician to repair your HVAC make sure the thermostat isn’t the problem.

Below are some tips to check your thermostat’s functionality.
Room Temperature and Setting Don’t Match
It is important to check whether the thermostat is correctly keeping the room at the proper temperature. In order to do this, tape a small thermometer on the wall next to the thermostat while being sure to place a paper towel behind the thermometer. The paper towel will protect against the thermometer being affected by heat or cold transfer from the wall. Wait for at least 15 minutes to ensure that the temperature is stabilized and giving a correct reading, then compare it to the reading on your thermostat.  If the numbers are more than a degree apart then the thermostat is likely not giving an accurate reading. Before you talk with the repairman it is helpful to know whether or not the thermostat is providing you with correct information.

Other Factors To Consider Some other factors that you should take note of when diagnosing your malfunctioning thermostat are:

          • Be sure the inside of the thermostat is clean.
          • Check the batteries in the thermostat.
          • Check your box’s location, since placement in direct sunlight or in front of drafty windows and doors can greatly affect correct temperature regulation.

Having a thermostat that functions correctly is vital to keeping your home or business comfortable and livable during any type of weather. Many of the problems require simple fixes and can sometimes be taken care of on your own. However, more complicated issues may require a replacement. If you need to replace, then it might be the time to upgrade to a smart thermostat. Reese Services can install a variety of smart thermostats to fully automate your heating and air.