Troubleshooting Your Home Heating System

You can troubleshoot your home heating system before calling a professional at Reese Services with these great tips!

No_heat_in_the_house_fixes_-_troubleshooting_your_heating_system.jpgOccasionally a home’s heat source will suddenly stop working. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to call your heating professional right away. You can troubleshoot beforehand for small fixes you can do yourself. Here is our troubleshooting checklist to quickly get your heating system going.

1. Check your thermostat – Check the display to make sure it isn’t blank. If your thermostat is lacking a display you may just need to replace the batteries.

2. Dirty filters – Filters need to be changed every 1-3 months depending on your individual needs. If it is dirty or clogged and needs to be changed, it can cause your heating to stop working.

3. Electrical system – Check the breaker panel and make sure the breaker for your heating system is in the “on” position.

4. Emergency shut off switch – Many homes have an emergency shut off switch. People can mistakenly turn this off thinking it’s a light switch. It never hurts to check if it’s on.  

5. Fuel supply – Depending on if you have an oil-based or gas system, it’s wise to check the fuel supply. See your owner’s manual on specific instructions for how to do this.

Heating units can be challenging to a non-professional but that doesn’t mean you can’t troubleshoot your heating system before you call Reese. Also, don’t forget that regular maintenance is a smart investment. See our regular maintenance plans here. If troubleshooting hasn’t fixed the issue, be sure to give Reese a call at 678-255-6073 for an estimate.