What is Air Advice?


What is circulating through the air in your home? Are you concerned about air allergens that could be in your home’s air? IAQ is the air quality within the home as it relates to the occupants’ health and comfort. The EPA has identified indoor air pollution as one of the top five urgent environmental risks to public health.
Reese Services can help by performing a test from an air advice machine. What is the Air Advice? How does it work?
AirAdvice for Homes™ is a fully automated IAQ assessment platform. The Air Advice for Homes platform includes a monitor, software, and unlimited reporting. It is highly recommended by our residential HVAC contractors and easy for homeowners to understand.
A Reese technician will place a monitor in your home at the beginning of every service call. The monitor automatically begins collecting IAQ data. The Model 5200 IAQ Monitor is a full-featured device for measuring dust/particles, chemical pollutants, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, temperature and relative humidity. After 30 minutes, the monitor transmits that data to our servers which process the data, generate a report, and email that report to you within minutes.
Then a technician will share the AirAdvice for Homes report with the homeowner. Action-oriented reports tell you what was measured, why it was measured (why it is a concern), what was found, and, in the event of a health, safety or comfort concern, what product solutions are appropriate. The report visually demonstrates the problems in the home, and suggests appropriate equipment solutions.

Reese Services can help with equipment solutions if it is recommended in the AirAdvice report. Depending on the IAQ problem, you and your HVAC contractor can identify the best solution ranging from ventilation and filtration, to humidity control, temperature control, carbon monoxide and radon detection. Contact Reese Services to schedule an Air Advice test or a routine HVAC maintenance service.