What Are Hybrid HVAC Systems?

Cloud-Hybrid.jpgLike a hybrid car, a hybrid HVAC system can "choose" between two different energy sources to attain the highest efficiency. A hybrid HVAC system can save 30% to 50% on HVAC costs over the course of a year.

The hybrid heating method, or “dual fuel” can be used to heat your home in the winter with a heat pump (outdoor unit) as its primary source of heat. At times when the outdoor temperature gets below 35 degrees, the gas furnace is engaged instead of the heat pump. This allows for optimum and wallet-friendly heating at all times. The Hybrid system works with a smart thermostat to monitor the entire HVAC system for maximum efficiency. Reese Services offers the Bryant® Housewise Control Thermostat which allows you to maintain the heating and cooling of your home from the convenience of your smart phone or tablet.

The controller reacts to changing temperatures and automatically adjusts to the most efficient energy saving method available to heat a house. It is a great option for homeowners residing in the southern region of the country, like Georgians, who rarely see more than a few days of extreme cold each winter.

You can easily get both your heat and air conditioning from a heat pump, but heat pumps are better for homes that don’t experience very cold winters. Once summer comes around and the outside temperature starts to rise, heat pumps can easily reverse their heating method and create cold air instead.

If you want to learn more about a hybrid heating system contact Reese Services. Our technicians will explain more about the benefits of a new HVAC system and whether or not it’s right for you. Reese Services is your local Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer. We offer a variety of energy saving heating and cooling systems for your home or office building.