Why Replace Your AC In The Fall

Reese_fallblog.jpgAfter a long, hot summer you will probably be looking forward to turning off your air conditioner. However, you might want to still consider having your system checked out by a certified contractor. If your air conditioner is an older model, or if it has been giving you problems, you might need to have it replaced. AC replacements conducted in the Fall often produce very good outcomes for consumers.

Because temperatures are more agreeable in the Fall, you may feel relaxed enough to take your time in researching which type of equipment would be best suited for your house. During the summer, a consumer who is pressed to make a quick decision because of the heat will usually just replicate whatever system they had before, regardless of the new technology on the market. Since it will be Fall soon, take the time to see some of the latest technology available in HVAC systems. A lot has changed since your old system was installed. For instance, Smart Wi-Fi programmable thermostats are an added feature included in some of the newer systems.

Since South Georgia has a milder climate, many houses are equipped with an HVAC unit that has an air conditioner that also doubles as a heat pump in the winter. But if your AC is having problems keeping up with the outside temperature during the hottest days of summer, then it will most likely not be able to keep up on the coldest days of winter either.

Higher efficiency systems tend to come with greater rebates and government incentives. Incentives are offered by federal, state or local governments and utility companies. When you purchase a qualifying Bryant® product or system, you can also receive a rebate back on your purchase.  You can receive a rebate up to $1,000 when you purchase a complete Bryant heating and cooling system that qualifies for Bryant Bonus. To qualify you will need to purchase a new qualifying Bryant equipment system between the dates of August 14, 2017 to November 30, 2017.

If you have Reese Services come out to check your AC system this fall, the technician will run new calculations on the cooling requirements for your house. They will also inspect your duct work and assess your airflow. A lot may have changed with your house since that old AC system was installed. These changes can affect both the size and type of system you may now need to adequately heat and cool your home.