FAQs - Spray Foam

All you need to know about spray foam insulation. Frequently Asked Questions from dangers to benefits, here are the FAQs.

  • FAQs_Reese_Services_Tyrone_Ga.jpgShould I spray foam insulation in my crawlspace?
    The closed-cell will prevent moisture from entering the home, making it ideal for those damp crawl spaces and basement areas. By managing the moisture you are preventing mold growth.

  • Can you put spray insulation in an attic over existing insulation?
    No, it is more effective when the old insulation is removed because the old insulation creates an unwanted barrier.

  • Are there any places that are difficult to apply spray foam to? 
    Yes, vaulted ceilings, bonus room ceilings, bonus room floors and walls of existing homes can be challenging because there is normally drywall and flooring blocking our access. In some cases we can remove a small amount of drywall or flooring to insulate the area, but in other cases total drywall or floor removal is neccessary. Insulation in these spaces will greatly improve the level of comfort in a home and significantly reduce heating and cooling costs. In any case, some spray foam is better than none. 
  • Is foam insulation dangerous?
    Unlike fiberglass insulation, spray foam emits no contaminants once applied. Over time, fiberglass insulation will break down and contaminate your air. Spray foam dries as soon as it is applied and never breaks down. It also helps keep mold, outside elements, etc out of your home resulting in a healthier living environment.

  • Does spray foam insulation deter mice and other pests?
    Yes, along with sealing out all moisture and air penetrations we are keeping pests out as well. 
  • What is the cost of spray foam insulation?
    The cost is going to vary depending on the square footage of the space being insulated and how much existing fiberglass insulation needing removal. Our spray foam comes with a lifetime guarantee.

  • How do you remove the old fiberglass insulation safely?
    We have a trailer that is completely enclosed with a hose fed to it. We use the hose to vacuum all of your old fiberglass insulation out of the attic. The insulation travels down the hose and directly into the trailer, never getting into the air you breathe. Any batt insulation is removed by hand. 

  • Is spray foam insulation really that good? What's the best kind?
    To create an energy efficient structure you need to control the air movement within. A significant amount of the air inside a structure infiltrates through the walls, ceilings and floors. A structure that leaks air is not energy efficient. Adding an advanced insulation system like spray foam will help you control the air leakage. When properly installed, spray foam quickly expands to fill the cracks, crevices, gaps and voids that exist in every structure. In addition, spray foam will conform to the curves, irregular surfaces and spaces to form a superior thermal envelope around your entire structure. Open cell is usually used for attic areas. Closed cell will seal out all moisture, which is why it is chosen for those damp crawl space/ basement areas.

  • Do you only use spray foam insulation for new homes and businesses?
    No, we provide services for new construction projects, as well as existing buildings and homes.

  • Why can't I spray the foam insulation into my home myself?
    As professional applicators, we bring a spray rig on a commercial truck to your home. Long hoses are threaded around and into the house where we spray the insulation. This is not a DIY job. Not only is the equipment expensive, but specialized training is required.

  • What if someone steps through my ceiling?
    We carry workers compensation and general liability insurance in case any accidents occur while we are on your property.