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Is Your AC Unit Spring Ready?

Spring is almost here. Is your air conditioner prepared? 

If you want to avoid costly repairs or comfort disasters, then you need to effectively prepare your air conditioner for warmer weather’s arrival. 

 Here are four things you should do to get your unit Spring ready.  

Visually inspect your unit. 

Some problems are easy to see. In fact, preventing major problems can be as simple as taking a few minutes to visually inspect your unit. So, the next time you’re outside, go check out your air conditioner’s outdoor component. Keep an eye out for loose materials, missing parts and any other signs of physical damage. Spotting these problems early on prevents them from escalating into costlier issues down the line. 

Do a quick cleanup around your unit. 

From sticks and leaves to dirt and debris, any object has the potential to cost you in repairs. However, preventing this from happening is quick and easy. Simply clear the area around your unit. Make sure to remove any obstructions that could block airflow or get lodged inside of your unit, causing physical damage. 

Change your unit’s air filter. 

The best thing you can do for your air conditioner is to clean or replace the air filter at the beginning of cooling season—and every three months thereafter. 

An air filter is the immune system of your air conditioner. It removes dust, pet dander, bacteria and other impurities from the air flowing through your system, while also filtering out larger particles to protect your HVAC system from damage. 

Over time, dirt and other contaminants will build up on your unit’s filter. And a dirty air filter is like a compromised immune system—it doesn’t work as efficiently as it should. It forces your air conditioner to work harder to keep your home cool, resulting in unnecessarily high energy bills. Plus, a dirty air filter puts excess strain on your unit. This unnecessary stress results in unreliable cooling, frequent repairs and, even worse, premature system failure. 

A new filter makes it easier for your unit to circulate and deliver chilled relief throughout your home. It also: 

  • Drives down your energy bills 
  • Improves IAQ 
  • Prevents dust and dirt from building up in your air ducts 
  • Keeps dust, pollen and other airborne particles from entering your home  

Schedule an AC tune-up. 

A preseason tune-up isn’t optional. It’s a necessity. That is, of course, if you want to ensure your cooling system performs at its absolute best! The smartest way to keep your mind worry-free this cooling season is to have your system serviced now. If you do, your system will receive the TLC it needs to work efficiently and trouble-free. 

Don’t delay. Spring forward with your cooling season preparation today! Give Reese a call at 678-255-6073 or fill out our online form today! 

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