HVAC System Installation and Replacement

A functional HVAC system benefits you in more ways than you could imagine. An HVAC system, apart from maintaining an ideal temperature, eliminates harmful allergens and microorganisms in the air from outside. A functional HVAC system will increase the livability of your home, and improve the health and quality of life for your family.

Unfortunately, your HVAC system will not last forever. After some years of functioning and maintaining your homes temperature, it may be time to replace your HVAC system. If you think your system is not cooling/heating your home as well as it use to, it might be time to think about replacing it with a newer, more energy efficient model.

It is normally hard to say when you need to replace your HVAC without a professional inspection of the unit. But if you see any of the following issues and problems, call Reese Services to inspect and quote you to replace it as it may be a sign the unit is at the end of its life:

  •  Unit Is Blowing Warm Air in the Summer

If the A/C unit is blowing warm air this is a sign that you have a Freon leak.  You will need a professional company to inspect the unit and lines to find where the Freon leak is.  Freon does not and should not evaporate from your HVAC system.  So if your HVAC unit is blowing warm or hot air you likely have a Freon leak.

Do not let the system run like this because Freon is expensive and you do not want to waste it with a leak and it can also create additional strain or failure on a component of the HVAC system that may not be broken.

  •  Unit Keeps Tripping A Circuit Breaker

If  your air conditioner/heater is tripping a breaker it is because the HVAC unit is pulling in more amps (or electricity) than the breaker is rated for.

Do not keep resetting your circuit breaker and letting it trip over and over.  This constant tripping of a circuit breaker by your HVAC unit can cause damage to the unit and potentially a fire.

What can cause an air conditioner to trip the circuit breaker?

  • The A/C compressor is grounded
  • The A/C motor has shorted
  • A faulty circuit breaker
  • The A/C unit outside is dirty
  • The A/C filter is clogged from dirt
  • A Power Surge occurred
  • The A/C fan motor has failed
  • Electrical board or component has failed on the HVAC unit
  • Higher Utility Bills

If your electric bills are rising every summer, then it’s potentially a sign to replace your HVAC unit. Over time, the effectiveness of your HVAC unit may slow down, mainly if it has not been serviced on a regular basis. A high efficiency unit will help enhance system efficiency, which can considerably lower your electric bills.

  • Increasing Repair Costs

If you find that you are having frequent repairs, replacing it may save more money in the long run.  Whenever a non-warranty HVAC unit fails, it is time to look at the replacement cost vs. the repair cost and it may make sense to replace the complete unit.

  • Comfort Problems

The major purpose of your HVAC system is to maintain your home comfortably.  Home builders or remodelers will often put the smallest unit that can pass building code to save money but it doesn’t take much to stress the system to a point where they no longer maintain the comfort of your home.

  • Outdated Equipment

The majority of HVAC units normally last approximately 10 years.

If you think it is time to replace your HVAC unit, call Reese Services. We can inspect and quote you on the replacement of your current HVAC unit with an energy efficient unit.  We have many HVAC systems that can fit any homes need as well as any homeowners budget.  We also offer financing plans for a new HVAC system replacement.