Why you should have your heat pump tuned up?

Your heat pump like any mechanical system needs regular service and maintenance to keep it running properly.

The primary cause of heating breakdowns is neglect. Most homeowners never miss a scheduled oil change for their cars but tend to ignore scheduling a tune-up of their HVAC system, which increases the odds of an emergency breakdown.

Here are some of the reasons why you should particularly consider scheduling a seasonal heat pump tune-up:

1. Lower your energy bills
A regular checkup of your HEATING SYSTEM keeps it running at its most efficient. A heat pump that has gone without maintenance for too long will be inefficient and strain to generate heat.

2. Decrease your odds of needing emergency heat pump repair
Another great benefit of a fall heat pump tune-up is that it decreases the chance of an emergency breakdown and the need for repair.  Another benefit to our service agreement is the emergency service that is included.

3. Get more years out of your system
Getting your heating system checked regularly by an experienced technician will increase the odds of your system living a longer and more effective life. During a routine inspection, our technician will check each and every component of the unit. This allows us to make regular maintenance or small repairs that could later turn into big problems.

4. Improve your home’s winter comfort
If you want to avoid the prospect of being too cold during the winter, it is best that you get your system maintenance before the temperature drops.

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