Make the Holidays Less Stressful for Your Pet and Yourself

Some things are just inevitable during the holidays, like travel, houseguests and loud noises. This trio of annoyances can stress more than just your family. They can stress your pets, too.  

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Our team at Reese Services is here to help manage both yours and your furry friend’s holiday stress with these tips. 

Comfort Everyone with a Cozy Home 

Temperature plays a major role in keeping family and pets calm. Maybe you’re tough enough to bear the chillier temperatures at this time of year, but most people and pets aren’t, which is why it’s important you keep your home warm and cozy.  

Create a Safe Retreat for Your Pet 

Create a comfy, safe space in your home that’s solely dedicated for your pet. From a separate room to an exclusive area, this designated space will be your dog’s or cat’s saving grace, providing them with a place to retreat to if they become overwhelmed. 

Here are some tips for creating this safe retreat: 

  • Pick a spot that works for your pet: No two animals are the same. So, when picking a safe retreat, take into account your pet’s distinct space preferences.  
  • Provide plenty of comfort items: These are objects that give your pet comfort and enjoyment, such as his or her bed, favorite toys, articles of clothing that smell like you, fuzzy blankets, etc. 
  • Pet-proof the area: Make sure your pet’s space isn’t just comfy, but also safe. Remove anything your animal could get entangled in or would cause harm if chewed or eaten. 
  • Don’t forget entertainment: Animals get bored without activities to occupy their time. Provide your pet with activities so they don’t get bored and will boost a positive association with the space. For dogs, consider food puzzles and long-lasting chews. For cats, remember their scratching posts and other toys. 
  • Keep your expectations reasonable: This space is supposed to alleviate your pets’ stress. However, leaving your pet alone for too long in this space could have the opposite effect. To avoid causing stress, make sure to give your pet breaks, such as walks or play sessions. 

Stick to Your Routine 

Deviating from your routine can leave you feeling out of sorts. It’s the same for your pets. With a packed holiday calendar, sticking to a time schedule can be difficult. So, create a routine that’s predictable for your pets, but flexible for you.  

Don’t stress and give Reese Services a call today. 

Taking time to provide your pet’s social, physical and emotional needs during the busy holiday season can result in a less-stressed animal and more peace of mind for you. The same is true for your heating system. 

Whether you’re hosting the holidays or not, there are a lot of anxieties that come with preparing for the holidays. The last thing you need is an unexpected stressor on your plate. So, don’t wait until minutes before guests arrive or you’re about to walk out the door to check on your heating system. Doing so could lead to havoc. If you find your system isn’t operating properly or at all, you’ll be stuck with a real emergency that requires immediate HVAC help. Of course, if this happens, you can count on our team. But, in order to avoid this worry altogether, we recommend you contact us now to schedule a preseason tune-up for your heating system. 

Reduce holiday stress with a comfy home today. Contact us at 678-255-6073 to schedule an appointment today. 

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