My Heater is Making Weird Sounds- Is that normal?

Summer is behind us, and the cool fall air brings changing seasons and cooler temperatures. As the temperatures begin to drop, you want to ensure that your heating system is ready for winter’s demands, so you turn it on for the first time in months.  

However, instead of hearing it turn on without issue, you hear some rather concerning sounds. Here’s what these sounds could mean and the heating repairs that can help fix the issues.  

Air Filters 

Most fall maintenance routines start with checking for the most common and straightforward issues that could cause weird sounds. In the case of furnaces, you want to inspect the air filters. Over time, these air filters encounter and capture various dust and air particles that can become problematic air pollutants. When your air filters become dirty or clogged from excessive use and lack of an established maintenance routine, a weird sound can be the result.  

Mechanical Parts   

Your furnace is a complicated piece of equipment that requires all the parts working in unison to deliver heat to your home in the winter months. When your unit begins to make strange noises, if it’s not the furnace filters, you likely need to change the motor.  

Over years of repeated use, the motors will degrade over time, and without routine professional checks, they can begin to degrade quickly. Instead of letting your furnace fall into disrepair at the worst time possible, scheduling a professional check-up before the colder months can ensure no interruptions in your service.  

Duct work  

Delivering the heat to the furthest reaches of your home, the duct work remains one of the most essential pieces of your heating system. As time moves forward, the duct system can warp, deteriorate, or have holes develop within the metal that causes whistling noises and potential clogs that interfere with your heating system.  

While you can perform a visual inspection during furnace maintenance yourself, you may not have the right tools to get into the deepest parts of your ductwork. Having a professional from Reese Services come out to inspect your system can help identify the issues and address them quickly and efficiently.  

Building an effective heater maintenance routine  

Most homeowners do not know the intricacies of creating and following a heater maintenance routine to keep your system in good shape. Getting help from HVAC professionals can help you revolutionize your home maintenance routines that help extend the life of your heating system.  

Our exclusive Reese Peace program entitles you to two maintenance visits per year – one for your cooling system and one for your heating system. These service visits help keep your systems in good working order and your home at the perfect temperature year-round. An additional benefit of being a member — you won’t have to remember to schedule the visits. We’ll reach out to you when the time comes for your semi-annual visit.  

If you are interested in making sure your unit is ready for our Georgia winter months, contact our team and get on the road to a better-performing HVAC system today.  

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